Wooden Nickels/Prizes

We offer an incentive program using wooden nickels, to help our patients fulfill their treatment goals. Patients can receive wooden nickels at their regular visits. The nickels can be exchanged for prizes found in our prize cabinet. Patients earn one wooden nickel for each of the following:

  • Excellent Brushing
  • On time for your appointment
  • Patient Cooperation
  • Nothing loose or broken (patients with braces)

Additional wooden nickels can be earned for:

  • A Sparkling Clean Certificate can earn you 15 nickels if it is signed by your dental office for your 6 month cleaning
    • Grades on your report card
    • High Honors – 25 nickels
    • Honors – 20 nickels
    • Each “A” earns 2 nickels
  • Referring a friend to our office can earn you a full scoop of wooden nickels. Place your hand in a bucket full of nickels and see how may you can grab!

Wooden Nickels can be exchanged at any time for prizes. We are always adding new inventory. Some prizes include:

  • ITunes and Dunkin Donuts gift cards
  • IPODS and accessories
  • Earbuds

Print out a Sparkling Clean Certificate for your next dental cleaning — click here