Your First Visit

First Visit

When you arrive for your first visit at Dr. Mazzocco’s office, you will be welcomed by our friendly front desk staff. They will show you how to use our check in computer and give a brief tour of our office. You will then be greeted by one of our treatment coordinators. She will take a series of digital photographs and an x-ray. Dr. Mazzocco will then conduct a thorough orthodontic evaluation. He will determine the specific course of treatment and will address any questions or concerns you may have.

What happens next?

A recall appointment can be made for you to come back in 6-12 months, if treatment will be needed but Dr. Mazzocco would like to wait for jaw growth or baby teeth to fall out.
If treatment is needed now, Dr. Mazzocco and the treatment coordinator will go over your treatment plan, approximately how long you will be in treatment and financial arrangements. We will also be able to schedule the necessary appointments to get you started with treatment.

Braces Yet?

Braces – The Big Day!

This is a longer appointment, usually about an hour. We will put your braces on your teeth during this time; this is an easy appointment too! Putting braces on your teeth does not hurt. We will explain everything that we are doing. If you have any questions about what we are doing, just ask us!

Now What?

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a new set of braces! We will usually ask you if you want colored elastics on your braces. These hold your wires into your braces and are changed every month when you come in for your monthly checkups. We have almost every color, including glow-in the dark. So think about what colors you like; we can match your favorite color, favorite sports team colors, school colors, holiday colors. The orthodontic assistants will give you a braces survival package. Inside you will find everything you need to take good care of your braces. The orthodontic assistants will explain everything in the braces survival pack. After that you can take your new braces home!

Will It Hurt?

Good question! Your teeth are going to be sensitive, like you have a little headache in each tooth. You will probably have to take some aspirin or Tylenol and eat some soft foods. After the first day, the soreness will start to go away and by the third day, your teeth should not hurt at all! Your cheeks may take several more days to “toughen up” and get used to the braces rubbing against them all the time, we will give you some wax to put over the braces to make this easier.

What Can I Eat?

Foods that cannot be cleaned off the braces may lead to discoloration and decay of the teeth. Even though our braces and wires are metal, they are fragile and can be damaged by eating the wrong foods, thus taking us longer to finish treatment.

Absolutely no:

Gum: sugarless or otherwise
Sticky Foods: caramels, Sugar Daddies, Star Burst, caramel apples, Sugar Babies, Licorice, Toffee, Now & Laters, Tootsie Rolls
Hard Foods: nuts, popcorn, hard candy, bagels, pizza crusts, hard pretzels, ice, hard fruits and veggies such as apples and carrots, unless cut into small pieces
Eat and drink much less: candy, cookies, cake, pie, ice cream, pop and other drinks with sugar. Avoid chewing on pens, pencils, and fingernails.

What Next?

Usually, you will come back and see Dr. Mazzocco about once a month. We will probably “tighten” your braces and change your colored elastics. Your teeth may get a little sore, but this time only for several hours. As the months go by, your teeth will get straighter and straighter. You may need to help your teeth move by wearing elastics if Dr. Mazzocco thinks you need them. The more you wear them the faster your teeth will move. This brings us to our next question, a very important one.

When will my braces be coming off?

If all goes well and you have done everything you were supposed to, usually braces are ready to come off after two and a half (2.5) years. Don’t worry, time goes by very fast! When we take your braces off, we will make you two (2) retainers. One for the top and one for the bottom. You will wear these most of the time in the beginning, and then just at night as time goes by. The retainers will help keep your teeth straight and your smile great!

Office Policies


The cost of braces can vary depending on several factors. Some of them are:

  • How crooked your child’s teeth are (crowding)
  • How bad your child’s bite is (malocclusion)
  • If your child is missing any teeth
  • If your child has any impacted teeth
  • The length of your child’s treatment

Payment Plans

Typically, the total fee is broken down into a down payment and monthly payments. These payments are generally spread out over the length of treatment. Our financial coordinator will work out the terms for you. We will offer flexibility and will try to accommodate your needs. Monthly payments can be withdrawn automatically from a checking account or charged to a credit card. We also accept all flex spending plans and can provide you with necessary receipts.


If you have insurance coverage for orthodontics, we will contact your carrier to obtain accurate information regarding your coverage. We will directly bill your insurance carrier. Payments from insurance companies vary. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments will be paid directly to us.

Payment in Full

If you decide to pay the total fee at once, we will reduce the fee by a certain percentage. Please ask our financial coordinator for more details on this option.

Multiple Children Treated in the Office

After your first child has started orthodontic treatment in our office, we will typically offer a special fee for subsequent children who start orthodontic treatment. If you have more than one child in treatment at once, you do not necessarily have to have double ( for 2 children) or triple (for 3 children) payments all at once. We are very flexible and will gladly arrange a special payment plan to suit your needs.

Appointments and School

We understand how important school attendance is for children. Once the braces are on the teeth, most of the children’s appointments can be before or after school and are relatively quick. We also ask the children to do their best and take good care of their braces. If they are careless and break them, we will need to repair them in the morning, when we have more time available, and they will miss some school.

Cancelling and Missing Appointments

Ideally, orthodontic treatment progresses smoothly when all appointments are kept and the children are seen at consistent intervals; monthly, for example. When appointments are missed or cancelled frequently, the length of time of treatment and the results can be affected adversely. We understand that occasionally circumstances arise that require one to change appointments. However, we would appreciate being notified as early as possible. Also please remember that when you make your appointment for next month, you can typically have your choice of day and time. But as that day approaches, if you have to change your appointment, you choices will probably be limited due to the schedule filling up. In that case, to keep your child’s overall treatment on time, we may have to schedule you at an inconvenient time. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding these scheduling matters.